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Does YouTube TV Have the Big Ten Network? Exploring Your Sports Viewing Options

As passionate sports fans, many of us have wondered whether we can catch all the Big Ten Network action through our YouTube TV subscriptions. The good news is, we certainly can.

YouTube TV provides access to a host of network channels, including the Big Ten Network, so we don’t miss any of the college sports excitement.

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This capability allows us to stream live games, events, and programs that the Big Ten Conference has to offer right from our smart TVs, computers, or mobile devices.

It’s a great fit for those of us who have cut the cord but still want to stay connected to the thrill of collegiate sports.

For anyone worrying about the logistics, it’s pretty straightforward.

With a YouTube TV subscription, we get the Big Ten Network as part of their service, coverage that’s particularly valuable during football and basketball seasons.

It’s a smooth transition for enthusiasts looking to watch the games without a traditional cable package.

Availability of Big Ten Network on YouTube TV

Big Ten Network logo displayed on YouTube TV interface
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If you’re looking to catch all the Big Ten action, we’re in luck because YouTube TV does include the Big Ten Network in its lineup. It’s a great way for us to stay updated with our favorite college sports without a traditional cable subscription.

Subscription Packages

  • Base Package: YouTube TV offers the Big Ten Network within its base package.
    • Price: As of now, it’s priced at $72.99/month.
    • Trial: They previously had a free trial, but it’s worth checking their latest offerings as promotions may vary.

Channel Lineup

The Big Ten Network is just one of over 85 live channels that YouTube TV provides, ensuring we won’t miss any of the action. Here’s a snapshot of related channels included:

  • Sports Channels: ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports
  • Local Sports Networks: Coverage varies by ZIP code
  • Additional Networks: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC

For specific details on the lineup and to confirm availability in our area, it’s best to input our home ZIP code on their website.

Navigating YouTube TV for Big Ten Network Content

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As fans always eager to catch the latest games, we understand just how important it is to easily access Big Ten Network on YouTube TV. Let’s go through how we can find this content and make the most of the live streaming features it offers.

Finding Big Ten Network

On YouTube TV, finding the Big Ten Network is straightforward. After signing into our YouTube TV account, all we need to do is:

  • Head over to the search bar and type “Big Ten Network” or “BTN”.
  • Look through the sports section where Big Ten Network typically appears.
  • Add Big Ten Network to our list of favorites for quicker access in the future.

By following these steps, we ensure that we won’t miss any action and can jump straight into watching our favorite collegiate sports teams.

Live Stream Features

When it comes to live streaming the Big Ten Network on YouTube TV, there are several features that enhance our viewing experience:

  • Cloud DVR: We can record games and shows, which means we’ll never miss a match, even if we’re busy during the live event.
  • Multiple Streams: YouTube TV allows us to watch on multiple devices at once, perfect for when we have friends over and want to watch on several screens.
  • Sport-Specific Navigation: Easily navigate to upcoming live games or replays specifically within the Big Ten Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

A TV screen displaying the YouTube TV interface with the search bar showing the query "does youtube tv have the big ten network" and the Big Ten Network logo visible in the search results
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When it comes to following our favorite Big Ten teams, we’ve got questions about how to catch the games on YouTube TV. Below, we break down the details we need so we won’t miss a single play.

Is the Big Ten Network available on YouTube TV?

Absolutely, YouTube TV offers the Big Ten Network as part of its channel lineup. Whether we’re into football or basketball, we can cheer on our team live.

How can I watch Big Ten Network programming without cable?

Even without a cable, we can still catch our preferred Big Ten games. Streaming services like YouTube TV let us enjoy sports broadcasted on the Big Ten Network with just an internet connection.

Can I stream Big Ten Network games on Roku through YouTube TV?

Yes, Roku users rejoice! If we’ve got YouTube TV, streaming Big Ten Network games is a breeze on our Roku device.

What steps do I need to follow to access Big Ten Plus on YouTube TV?

Big Ten Plus isn’t directly available through YouTube TV. However, we can subscribe to this service separately to access additional Big Ten content not broadcasted on the main network.

Are there any packages on YouTube TV that include Big Ten Network?

YouTube TV keeps it simple. Its base package includes channels like the Big Ten Network, meaning we won’t have to pay extra to watch our Big Ten sports.

Which streaming services offer the Big Ten Network besides YouTube TV?

We’ve got options besides YouTube TV. Multiple other streaming services offer Big Ten Network. Heavy hitters like Hulu Live and DIRECTV STREAM are included. It’s worth checking around for the best fit for our game day needs.

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