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What do you do at a college football tailgate?

When getting ready to have fun before a football game, people never want to be stuck bored without anything to do before the big game! To set up the most fun type of tailgate, what games and gear are best to bring along? After doing extensive research, here are the best ways to create the best tailgate party ever!

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To participate fully in a tailgate, bring along games to play, bring tasty food to cook and share, and bring some speakers or instruments to play lively music! Sometimes players or coaches will visit tailgaters but expect food, games, and music.

What makes tailgates fun to attend? What are the best pieces of gear and supplies to bring to a long-term tailgate and campout? Let’s go over what to look for in case one is put in charge of putting on a fantastic tailgating party for everyone!

Play Games

One of the best things to do at a tailgate before a football game is play games! This is because there are very few limits when it comes to games that can be played at tailgates. Tailgating parties can be held at a person’s home, in a front or backyard, or on a street as a big block party bash!

Tailgates are most often held right in the parking lot of the sports stadium where the game is taking place for easy proximity to the game, but fun games can still be brought and played even in these parking lots!

tailgate games

Most people love to bring games like corn hole, beer pong, pop darts, and other giant yard games or card games to play!

If many people are coming to the tailgate, each could be invited to bring a few of their favorite lawn or tailgating games so that there are plenty of hours of entertainment to go around. It’s a smart idea to bring a folding table and lawn chairs to help with playing these games!

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For instance, the game beer pong, which doesn’t necessarily have to be played with beer but can be played with any beverage like soda or water, needs a waist-high flat surface to be played on, like a foldable table!

Phase card games, UNO, JENGA, Codenames, Chameleon, Apples to Apples, and Witch Hunt are just a few family games that need a table or flat surface to be played on, but they are well worth it!

Cook Out

One of the next most fun things to do during a tailgate is eat of course! Lots of people enjoy making things interesting by hosting a chili cook-off during their tailgate to have some friendly competition combined with cooking. One of the best ways to make food for a tailgate is by using an open-air grill to cook up some fresh cheeseburgers, hot dogs, hamburgers, and kebabs!


Really, any popular summer or fall recipe is great for a tailgate, and anything prepared will taste far better if it can be grilled over hot, flaming coals in the open air! If outdoor cooking or a portable grill isn’t doable, dishes can also be cooked before the tailgating itself and they can be stored and brought along in coolers!

Coolers are already a great idea to include for any tailgate. Coolers can help keep ice cream bars or popsicles frozen, drinks cold, and dishes fresh! It can also save money to prep food before or during the tailgate instead of buying food in the stadium itself or from food vendors.

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Play Music

The best way to make a fun environment and ambiance for any tailgate is to make sure to plan for some kind of enjoyable music! Sports fans can bring speakers, a vehicle radio to play music through, or instruments to make some sweet music and tunes!

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Speakers are a great choice since a device like a phone or a laptop can be connected through Bluetooth to play the most recent pop songs. If any people at the tailgate are talented musicians or singers, some fun group karaoke can even get started up easily during the tailgate!

What matters is that everyone has fun and that any nearby neighbors to the tailgate hopefully enjoy the music, and the music volume is kept at a respectful level!

Visit with Friends

As mentioned before, friends and family are what truly make a tailgate great. Some people love to use the tailgate as an ice breaker, in fact, to get to know new friends! It’s a fantastic idea to invite acquaintances to get to know them or ask some neighbors along so they feel included.

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With food, music, and games, it will be easy to bond with other people, or just sit in a circle of lawn chairs with them and talk while enjoying each other’s company!

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Watching the Marching Band and Dance Teams in the Stadium

When conducting a tailgate, don’t forget the fun entertainment provided by the stadium! Nearly all sports games will have additional entertainment in the form of college-level or higher marching bands. Don’t blow these shows off, because each show performed is unique in theme, song selection, and marching moves!

Not only the marching band but various dance teams or cheerleaders may also perform before the game and during halftime with exhilarating displays of physical and musical talent! Make sure to research online for further details about what kind of entertainment is offered before the big game even begins.

What do you do at a college football tailgate?

Watch the Players Walk to the Stadium

A huge highlight of tailgates is the ability that people have to interact personally with the players that they will be cheering on very soon!

In most states and games, sports fans who arrive early enough, like tailgaters, will be able to watch the football players walk onto the stadium before they start officially playing! These early-bird fans can watch professional players warm up, pass the ball around, and interact with fellow players! It really feels like being a part of the team.

What do you do at a college football tailgate?

Interact with the Players and Coaches

Those who choose to tailgate also may open themselves up to the opportunity of getting to give and get high fives from the sports players and coaches! If rules allow it, fans can descend in the stands to practically stand on a level with the turf playing field.

This means that fans may be able to step on the field before the game, call players and coaches, or stand close enough to the sidelines that the players themselves can be fist-bumped and cheered on!

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