Kern Campbell

Kern Campbell holding FCS National Championship Trophy

Kern Campbell
Content Creator and Founder of GameDay Culture

Sports experiences growing up

Kern Campbell, the founder of GameDay Culture, has always had a deep connection with sports. Growing up playing multiple sports, he attributes much of his personal and career success to the years he spent learning and participating in team sports.

Kern’s passion for sports has been essential to his life, shaping his character and teaching him valuable life lessons.

Professional Association

National Sports Media Association (NSMA)

Kern Campbell, an esteemed sports writer and content creator for Gameday Culture, is a proud member of the National Sports Media Association (NSMA). This membership reflects his commitment to excellence and continuous growth in the dynamic field of sports media.

About NSMA: The National Sports Media Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, plays a pivotal role in nurturing and developing talent in sports media. Founded on the principles of education, networking, and career advancement, NSMA offers an array of opportunities, including internships, mentoring, and scholarship programs, for those aspiring to carve a niche in sports media.

Legacy and Influence: NSMA is not just about fostering new talent but also about honoring the rich and diverse legacy of sports media in the United States. The association’s history dates back to 1953, started by Salisbury, NC restaurant owner and boxing promoter Pete DiMizio. Originally a local venture to honor sportscasters and sportswriters, it evolved into the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association in 1959, following DiMizio’s death.

Evolution and Growth: The organization underwent a significant transformation in 2016, changing its name to the National Sports Media Association. In 2017, it relocated its headquarters and annual awards event to Winston-Salem, NC. The NSMA Awards, a cornerstone event, celebrates achievements in sports media, recognizing individuals at both national and state levels.

Impactful Events: NSMA’s calendar is highlighted by its Awards Weekend & National Convention, a key gathering that attracts prominent figures from the sports media industry. This event includes the election of Hall of Famers and presentations of prestigious awards such as the National Sportscaster and Sportswriter of the Year. Additionally, NSMA organizes the Sports Media Convergence Summit, a series of educational seminars and panels that offer invaluable insights and learning opportunities for students and professionals alike.

Awards and Recognition: Over the years, NSMA has introduced various awards, including the Ann Spencer Sports Connector Award and the Big House Gaines College Basketball Coaches of the Year. These accolades celebrate individuals and entities that have made significant contributions to sports and sports media, fostering a sense of community and innovation.

Kern Campbell’s association with NSMA is a testament to his dedication and standing in the field of sports media. His involvement with an organization of such stature and history not only enhances his professional profile but also aligns him with the values of excellence and service to the sports media community.

Transition to a parent and fan

As Kern transitioned from being a player on the field to a parent, coach, and supportive fan in the stands, he realized that the world of sports was so much more than just playing the game.

It was about the shared experiences, the friendships forged, and the memories made that last a lifetime.

Traveling with family to ballgames

One of Kern’s fondest memories (and he still does it to this day) is traveling around the country with his family to watch ballgames together. They would arrive early to soak up the atmosphere, watch the marching bands and cheerleaders, and stay until the very end, cherishing every moment of the experience.