Does youTube tV have college football?

College football is a time to root for your favorite team with both friends and family alike. Everyone wants to get into the action on game day, however, some may not be able to travel or simply don’t want to travel, regardless of affordability. If one would rather watch the game online, can a service like YouTube TV provide college football viewing?

Does youtube tv have college football

YouTube TV offers subscribers several channels that feature college football. Channels such as ESPN, NBC, and Big Ten Network all show college football games. Other channels offered by YouTube TV may require an additional subscription to view college football.

As you can see, major channels are featured on YouTube TV and many more are featured as well. With additional costs, other exclusive channels may be accessed and used. Here, we will go ahead and address the ability to view most college football games through YouTube TV and which channels require an additional subscription.

YouTube TV’s Base Price Service

When it comes to watching college football, or any sports and programs, YouTube TV does the job by providing only the best to those who want to watch these programs, as well as some other perks that many may not already know about.

Does youtube tv have college football

For a YouTube TV subscription at base price, one will be looking at paying about $64.99/month after a 3-month price-reduced trial, totaling $54.99 for the first three months, significantly attracting those who wish to try YouTube TV for the first time.

Specific college football-related channels that are included in YouTube TV’s base price subscription are:

  • ACC Network/Network Extra
  • Big Ten Network
  • CBS Sports Network
  • SEC Network

For streaming-only services not specifically focused on college football but will feature them occasionally with YouTube TV’s base price subscription:

  • ESPN 3
  • SEC Network Plus

Lastly, for YouTube TV’s local networks at the base price subscription, they offer:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • NBC

Currently, the only two channels and programs that aren’t available are the Longhorn and Pac-12 Network. It will require additional monthly payments to access these programs or you can also pay for their services alone, without YouTube TV.

YouTube TV Add-ons

Wanting to enhance your sports cravings for college football by purchasing add-ons to the base price of YouTube TV is not a bad idea. This is a surefire way to ensure those sports cravings are satisfied.

YouTube TV Sports Plus

In September 2020, YouTube TV released some add-ons, one of which includes Sports Plus, which adds $11 to the base subscription. With this add-on, the channels that are already available for viewing college football, are enhanced with upgraded and new channels for further opportunities to watch many more college football games one would otherwise miss with the current lineup.

YouTube TV 4k Plus

For an additional $10, one may continue to watch a college football game, but in 4k quality, assuming the television is capable of doing. Another perk is the availability of recording and viewing these recordings offline, while with the base subscription, recordings can only be viewed online. Lastly, the 4k Plus addon will allow the user to watch streams concurrently across multiple devices if desired.

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Can Every College Football Game Be Viewed

Despite having a plethora of channels and programs offered with both YouTube TV Sports and 4k Plus, unfortunately, not every single game will be available.

For example, larger games such as national championships and other major NCAA conferences will be featured often compared to smaller games.

These smaller games may be featured now and then, but the channels are primarily focused on the bigger matchups.

This shouldn’t be too much of a loss as, naturally, most fanatic college sports fans will go for the bigger, better games with the most audience attending or viewing.

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Is YouTube TV Worth Viewing College Football

Though convenient in nearly every way, many viewers will direct themselves toward other services more so than YouTube TV.

For example, ESPN provides its viewers with services that don’t require one to be a part of YouTube TV. Not to mention, it easily dwarfs YouTube TV’s pricey monthly subscription at only $7 per month for ESPN+.

This also adds to the fact that not everyone will want to watch the channels that YouTube TV offers. Some may choose ESPN and only subscribe to that service alone.

YouTube TV would be a great idea if labeled specifically as a bundle. Plus, many see YouTube TV as “outdated” and not worth the effort.

If, however, you don’t mind this and would love to pay for this service along with the additional channels, then by all means, go for it.

Is It Better to Watch Online or In-Person

Lastly, this comes down to personal preference and the current mood of the individual.

As we have said, YouTube TV for college football games would be excellent for those who cannot afford to travel to the game in person due to financial restrictions or lack of ticket availability, or those who want to sit back and watch the game from the comfort of theirs or someone else’s home. Plus, tickets can be expensive and you’ll get to avoid all the traffic that game day brings to the college campus football stadium by staying home.

I believe in-person games are the best because of the range of social aspects, but watching the game at home is great too, especially if you want to minimize the noise from the crowd.

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To conclude, YouTube TV is an accessible option for watching college football games. Several channels are made available through YouTube TV for one’s sports viewing needs. Of course, many caveats are included such as the high price for these channels. However, these channels may offer a much cheaper alternative if going through their services alone.

Second, YouTube TV is capable of streaming college football games, however, not all games will be featured. Again, smaller games will tend to be ignored or tend to be featured only rarely, while larger games will span across a multitude of channels to target a wider audience.

Third, YouTube TV for college football games doesn’t attract much interest and therefore could be suffering from popularity, warranting a potential change in service.

Finally, YouTube TV does provide something for every college football fan, but commonly at an additional cost, if applicable.

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