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Previewing the High-Stakes Clash: Appalachian State vs Georgia Southern

Boone, NC — As the crisp autumn air settles over Boone, North Carolina, the stage is set for a “Deeper Than Hate” football rivalry, which is steeped in history and passion. On November 25th, the Kidd Brewer Stadium turns into a battleground as the Appalachian State Mountaineers host the Georgia Southern Eagles in a game that’s much more than just a clash on the gridiron; it’s a continuation of a storied rivalry dating back to 1932.

K Robinson Appalachian State WR #2
Photo courtesy of App State Athletics

Georgia Southern Eagles: A Season of Ups and Downs
From Statesboro, Georgia, the Eagles fly into Boone with a mixed bag of a season, standing at 6-5 overall and 3-4 in the Sun Belt Conference.

Under the leadership of Coach Clay Helton, in his second year, Georgia Southern has shown flashes of brilliance. Players like Derwin Burgess Jr., with five touchdown catches, and tight end Jjay Mcafee, with a record-breaking 26 catches, have been pivotal in their offensive strategy.

Special teams’ standout Michael Lantz has been a key player, breaking the school’s record with 21 field goals.

Appalachian State Mountaineers: Defending Home Turf
The Mountaineers, boasting a 7-4 overall record and a stronger 5-2 in conference play, are looking to extend their dominance in this rivalry, especially on their home turf.

Under the guidance of Coach Shawn Clark, now in his fourth year, Appalachian State aims to leverage their historical 14-5-1 record against the Eagles in Boone to their advantage.

A Rivalry Rich in History
The intense rivalry between Appalachian State and Georgia Southern dates back to the early 1900s, characterized by fiercely contested games, significant matchups, and mutual ambitions that have elevated both programs to national prominence.

Georgia Southern and App State have met 38 times previously, with the Mountaineers holding a 21-16-1 lead in a series that dates back to 1932. This is the fourth straight year the two have ended the regular season playing.

Last year’s double-overtime game, where Georgia Southern narrowly defeated Appalachian State 51-48, adds an extra layer of intensity to this year’s encounter.

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“Deeper Than Hate” – The Appalachian State and Georgia Southern Rivalry Story.

Eagles’ Struggle at Kidd Brewer Stadium
Despite their resilience, the Eagles have struggled at Kidd Brewer Stadium, holding a 5-11 all-time record there.

This statistic looms large as they prepare to face the Mountaineers in a venue where the latter have traditionally excelled.

Anticipation Builds for a Classic Encounter
As the countdown to kickoff begins, fans are bracing for a game that promises excitement, skill, and the unpredictability that comes with a fierce rivalry.

Will Georgia Southern’s strategy of winning games by forcing turnovers prevail, or will Appalachian State’s home-field advantage prove too strong?

This game is about the victory and celebration of college football’s enduring spirit and traditions.

Appalachian State vs Georgia Southern
Photo courtesy of App State Athletics

Betting Odds
The betting odds for the Georgia Southern vs Appalachian State football game on November 25, 2023, are as follows:

  • Spread: The opening spread was +7 for Georgia Southern and -7 for Appalachian State, with odds of -110. The current spread has moved slightly, now at +8.5 for Georgia Southern and -8.5 for Appalachian State, maintaining the odds of -110.
  • Moneyline: Initially, the moneyline odds were +200 for Georgia Southern and -330 for Appalachian State. They have since shifted to +265 for Georgia Southern and -315 for Appalachian State.
  • Over/Under (O/U): The over/under for total points scored in the game opened and remains at 63.5, with odds of -110 for both over and under.

These odds reflect the expected competitiveness of the game, with Appalachian State favored but Georgia Southern considered capable of keeping the game close. (Betting Odds Source)

Prediction: Appalachian State 35, Georgia Southern 28 (*Actual Score: AppSt 55, GA Southern 27)
This matchup between the Georgia Southern Eagles and the Appalachian State Mountaineers is poised to be a showcase of tenacity and skill.

Georgia Southern’s knack for forcing turnovers and their dynamic offense positions them as formidable challengers.

However, Appalachian State’s strong performance during the second half of the season and the advantage of playing at Kidd Brewer Stadium give them a slight edge.

Their resilience and proven ability to excel in high-stakes games suggest that they might clinch a closely fought victory, making this game a highlight of the season.

A Testament to Rivalry and Sportsmanship
As both teams gear up for this epic showdown, it’s clear that this game is more than just a battle for victory. It’s a celebration of rivalry, history, and sportsmanship that epitomizes the essence of college football.

Get ready for a Saturday filled with passion, cheers, and perhaps a touch of historic rivalry magic at Kidd Brewer Stadium.

Reporting from Boone, North Carolina

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