Can soccer shorts have pockets?

Pockets are very common in the design of shorts. But, do soccer shorts have pockets? We have the answers.

can soccer shorts have pockets

Typically, soccer shorts do not have pockets. Pockets are disadvantageous to the player because they add weight on the player and are seen as a distraction. Again, pockets on soccer shorts could lead to injury as the fingers could be trapped in them.

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Can Soccer Shorts Have Pockets?

Most soccer shorts are not designed with pockets. When you take a closer look at the shorts of many soccer players, you will notice that they lack visible pockets on the sides and back. However, unlike what some may deem, this is not a design flaw and manufacturers do this for a reason. There are some specific reasons why many users of soccer shorts prefer them without pockets. Read on to know why soccer shorts are pocketless and how some brands are solving this issue.

Why Are Soccer Shorts Pocketless?

Although an entertaining sport, soccer can be a bit technical and requires a lot of concentration, energy, and focus. This is true whether players are participating in semi-professional sports like USL League Two or in professional soccer leagues like MLS. Hence, football players may not need their mobile phones or other distracting things that could cause them to lose balance and fall.

Carrying a lot of things will only add to your weight and restrict or limit movement. The other reason that soccer shorts remain pocketless is to prevent the ball from getting into the pocket and to keep players safe. This is because the pockets are likely to trap your fingers leading to injury. Injuries are a burden to the team and they should be avoided by all means, including choosing the right soccer shorts to wear.

Why Soccer Shorts Need Pockets

Many benefits are accrued from soccer shorts that come with pockets. Storage options are a safe way to carry your most essential items whether you are training or playing an actual game. While it is not recommended, you may want to bring your phone to the field to get some motivation by listening to music or a podcast during training.

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However, holding your phone in hand is not only distractive but also very cumbersome and increases the risk of slipping or tripping. Pockets will help you to keep your phone and other stuff like keys, IDs, and money safe. This is particularly true for zippered pockets since they add an extra layer of security.

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Soccer Shorts That Come with Zippered Pockets

To curb the problem of shorts without pockets, most manufacturers are designing soccer shorts with zippered sides. The zippered pockets on the sides come in handy to store your necessities like your phone and keys. Usually, zippered sides are added to soccer training shorts and soccer sweats.

Also, some soccer shorts with an official look come with zippered pockets to hold up important things. A drawback, however, of soccer shorts with zippered sides is that the pockets tend to be a bit shallow and can open easily when you sit down. As a result, you are likely to lose your essentials.

However, some manufacturers offer a solution to this problem by designing deeper pockets with horizontal openings. Unlike regular shorts, modern shorts have a horizontal cut that does not open where your stuff would sit.

Instead, it secures your belongings well when you sit down and you won’t have to worry about losing them. Furthermore, the pockets are deep, making them functional in nearly any situation.

Other Storage Options for Soccer Shorts

Besides including zippered sides to soccer shorts, manufacturers incorporate other ways to make soccer shorts functional for footballers. For instance, some soccer training shorts or game shorts have hidden pockets placed in the waistband or any other area in the shorts. Unlike zippered sides, these pockets are concealed and it’s difficult to notice them when the player is on the pitch training or playing.

However, despite being hidden, these storage options are easily accessible. They are also quite stable and useful for storing essentials like your phone, keys, money, and ID without them getting in your way or distracting your play during MLS or other professional tournaments.

The other option is soccer shorts that come with elastic waistbands, whether the contoured or the standard option. The waistband acts as a storage option intended for things like cash, IDs, keys, and phone. However, it may not store very large items.

Also, it is also conveniently accessible when training or playing on the pitch, although this may not be the case during running. Something else to note about soccer shorts with waistband storage is that they tend to be a bit stretchy over time. While the stretchy material can accommodate plenty of storage needs, it may not be very stable. In addition, it is likely to lose its original shape.

can soccer shorts have pockets

Mesh benders are the other type of pocket customized on soccer shorts. As the name already suggests, the pocket is constructed from mesh and is concealed in the short and hidden from view. They can also be made from synthetic material.

Mesh benders can accommodate smaller items and are less likely to store things like a phone or wallet. Nevertheless, they are quite stretchable and are designed with flexibility in mind. They also do well for soccer training shorts or game shorts with more space.

Key Takeaways

  • Most soccer shorts are not designed to have pockets. This is not a design flaw but a way to keep shorts light and unlimited.
  • The most common way for soccer shorts to include pockets is zippered sides.
  • Soccer shorts can have extra storage with hidden pockets, elastic waistbands, and mesh benders.
  • Soccer shorts with vertical cuts and deeper pockets are an ideal option for storage compared to those with horizontal cuts.
  • Shorts that come with pockets are flexible and functional and can easily be used in other situations outside the field.

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