Can Soccer Players Wear Earrings? (ANSWERED)

Can Soccer Players Wear Earrings

The soccer regulatory bodies have regulations that every player should follow during a match. So, should soccer players wear earrings? We have the answers.

Typically, Soccer players should not wear earrings because it can endanger their safety or that of others. According to the rules of the game, soccer referees should utilize their expertise and skills to exclude any player wearing earrings and warn them if they refuse to adhere to the rules.

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 When it comes to soccer, the safety of the player and the integrity of the sport serves as the cornerstone of FIFA’s laws of the game, which are then approved by the International Football Association Board and are continuously reviewed and updated to respond to the needs of the stakeholders.

These bodies ensure soccer rules are updated and remain relevant and applicable at all levels, whether in youth soccer leagues or professional soccer matches.

 Additionally, one of the great aspects of soccer is that the laws and regulations apply globally. Therefore, when teams such as Wales and the US meet for a friendly match, they are familiar with the rules.

Since soccer is a contact game, the regulatory bodies find it necessary to formulate rules about safety. Most of the time, players are caught up in coming into contact with one another as they try to defend, strike or take the ball from their opponents.

Therefore, they may end up hurting themselves or other team players if they wear certain accessories.

Can Soccer Players Wear Earrings

Soccer players can wear earrings, but not when playing in a match. According to law 4 of the FIFAs rules and regulations, which mainly focuses on the safety of players, a referee should not permit anyone with earrings and other jewelry to play in a match.

Before the game begins, the starting lineup and the substitutes must pass the inspection. If a player manages to sneak in the field and put on earrings during a match, the referee must instruct him to remove the earrings and exit the playing area at the next pause.

Additionally, he should warn the player if he refuses to cooperate or wears the earrings again.

Why soccer Players shouldn’t have Earrings in a Match

They may Hurt Themselves and Others

Even though most people think that earrings are minor and have a low likelihood of causing accidents on a soccer field, they can cause a lot of damage.

As we had mentioned, soccer is a physical sport since players will make frequent contact with each other if they want to play effectively on the field.

One of the instances where a player can hurt himself with earrings is when heading a ball. If he misses the ball and it happens to hit the ears, the earrings may inject him with leading injuries while playing.

Another possibility is that earrings may get stuck or caught in another player’s jersey, which might seriously hurt the player’s ear.

Even though this situation is extremely unlikely, it is terrible when it occurs; thus, it is better to be safe.

When it comes to hurting other players, it is uncommon but also possible. One instance that an earring can hurt another player is when the player accidentally knocks the backside of the ear using his hand.

Since most earrings are sharp, they may scratch the opponent’s hand, leading to injuries.

It will be the Referee’s Downfall

The game’s referee may be liable if a player sustains an injury due to wearing earrings, depending on specific laws.

In the US, for instance, it is against the law for the referee to allow any clear source of risk to exist during a soccer match.

If any damages occur during the game due to the referee’s failure to comply, they risk facing legal action and other serious consequences.

Therefore, on their part, the referees are very pro-active in detecting anything that could cause harm, and they make a deliberate attempt to remedy the situation before it is too late. The good thing is that assistant referees come in handy in helping the referees.

Should Soccer Players Wear Earrings during a Practice Session

Accidents are likely to occur if there is contact between the players.

However, if the soccer coach firmly believes that the practice session won’t be rigorous or need the players to make contact with one another, it is advisable to tape the ears before they start the practice session.

During the session, the player should ensure that the ears are entirely so that dirt and dust will not get into them.

To provide even more safety, players can wrap around their heads to cover the taped ears completely. Nevertheless, the tape and the headband will not guarantee the player’s security; injuries may occur even with such measures.  

 How should Soccer Players deal with New Piercings?

If a player has a new piercing, it will be impossible to participate in multiple matches since the ears will not heal well and are also prone to get injured.

Therefore, the player should miss a few games for the ear wound to heal correctly. Generally, soccer regulations prioritize safety over all other considerations.

Even some of the greatest soccer players of all time had to skip some of their most significant games due to health concerns that these games could have on them. In other words, missing a few soccer matches should be acceptable since the player requires earrings for healing.

Key Takeaways

  • Soccer regulatory bodies have laws and regulations that guide the safety and integrity of players
  • Soccer players should not wear earrings during a match
  • Referees are obligated to take careful inspection to ensure that no one plays while having an earring during a match
  • Soccer players can have a practice session with earrings as long as they are well-covered or taped
  • A soccer player with new piercings should not participate in several matches until the ear wound is healed


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