Here’s What dish playmaker portable satellite Is All About!

When it comes to tailgating or traveling, having the right equipment can make a difference. This is why we use the DISH playmaker for a TV signal. 

dish playmaker portable satellite

The DISH Playmaker is a cheap portable satellite antenna that gives users access to hundreds of HD TV channels while on the go. It’s commonly used in RVs or tailgates because it’s compact, easy to set up, and provides excellent coverage and a high-strength satellite signal.

With years of experience tailgating, we have tried just about every product on the market to get a proper tailgating TV setup. Many products in the past did not provide what the DISH Playmaker can, and we will explain more about what it is and how it works below.  

What Is The DISH Playmaker?

The DISH Playmaker is a portable satellite antenna that connects to TVs to create a high-strength signal to watch TV while on the go. Campers and RV owners commonly use it, but tailgaters have since discovered the benefits. 

We recommend this technology because it’s excellent for those who want an easy-to-use, portable satellite dish solution. This small device weighs only 7 pounds, yet it still offers a quality picture and sound with many channels available. 

This satellite antenna is automated once it gets hooked up, meaning it can find a signal immediately without any unique settings changes. It has various satellite compatibilities, including: 

  • 61.50(SD/HD) 
  • 1100 (SD/HD)
  • 1190 (SD/HD)
  • 1290 (SD/HD)

However, this is a much more limited product compared to some of the other DISH satellite antennas. It’s limited to only one viewing at a time with stationary tracking, but it does have both SD and HD reception. 

It also has a built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC), which helps to keep the signal strong even in areas with weak signals. The AGC also ensures no distortion in the picture quality due to signal fluctuations. 

This device is powered by a 25-foot RG-6 coaxial cable, allowing better setup flexibility while on the go or in a difficult tailgating area. 

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What Comes With The DISH Playmaker?

The DISH playmaker is an affordable option for RV owners and tailgaters. It comes with everything we need to get our TV working with an excellent signal and a clear picture. 

This includes the dish, satellite antenna, and compatible receiver to get the signal started. Other items included with each purchase are the following. 

  • Portable remote with batteries
  • Compatible HDMI/AV Cables
  • 25-foot Coax Cable.
  • Printed Instructions & documentation

Unfortunately, there is no mounting included with the purchase. This must be bought separately, but the DISH playmaker does come with a two-year parts warranty and a one-year labor warranty. 

It’s also possible to add extra receivers or a tuner to get local channel access. These cost extra, but they add more features to the Playmaker.  

How Do You Set Up The DISH Playmaker?

Now that we know all the features and benefits the DISH Playmaker offers, we need to set it up properly to provide a clear signal and a high-quality TV viewing experience. 

First, unpack everything and find the instructions if needed. They will identify everything, including the RG-6 coax cable, receiver, and satellite. No mounting equipment is included, which would need to be purchased separately. 

How do people watch TV at tailgates?

Next, connect the cable to the “MAIN” port on the Playmaker. This can be located at the back of the box. The Playmaker should also be placed outside to obtain the best signal. 

We recommend putting the Playmaker in the right area near the TV before moving to the next step. Once this is done, we can connect the coax cable to the DISH receiver in the “SATELLITE IN” port. 

This is how the DISH will generate a signal. We can hook up the receiver to the TV using HDMI or component cables next while plugging both into an outlet for power. 

We will need at least 110 volts of AC power to run the DISH Playmaker. Once we have the TV on, a setup screen will appear. Follow the steps listed in the instructions to complete the initial setup to start watching the games. 

Who Should Use The DISH Playmaker?

The DISH Playmaker is a portable satellite antenna, and tailgaters and RV owners should use it for TV connection. This device is lightweight and easy to install, with various upgrade packages available. 

It doesn’t draw much power, so it’s ideal to use outdoors for tailgaters. It has all the necessary channels to watch the games while hosting a tailgate party, but it can also work for RV owners on the go. 

In the past, tailgaters and RV owners were forced to rely on traditional terrestrial antennas with limited range and no portability. The DISH Playmaker is a revolutionary solution that solves these problems.

It has also been designed with mobility in mind, and it can work in all types of vehicles, which makes it perfect for those who want to watch their favorite show while traveling or camping.

How Much Does The DISH Playmaker Cost?

The DISH Playmaker is available in many packages and models, so pricing can vary based on what we need. However, the basic DISH Playmaker model costs $309.00 with multiple warranty policy options. 

It’s possible to add a warranty for the following prices. 

  • 1 Year – $21.99
  • 2 Years – $43.99
  • 3 Years – $59.99

Customers also can add various upgrades like mounting equipment or a DVR. This will increase the price another $100-$200 too. 

We also need to mention the monthly subscription required to access channels to discuss the Playmaker’s costs. This is known as the Pay As You Go DISH TV package, including the following pricing options. 

  • DISH Flex Pack (50+ Channels) – $57.99
  • America’s Top 120 (190 Channels) – $99.99
  • America’s Top 120+ (190+ Channels) – $104.99
  • America’s Top 200 (240+ Channels) – $114.99 

No contracts are required, and it’s possible to get local channels with an Over The Air (OTA) tuner. This costs $59.99, and the service address can be adjusted if we intend to use it out of state. 

How Long Does The DISH Playmaker Last?

The DISH Playmaker has excellent durability. It can last for 5+ years without damage, but without proper care, this duration can shrink quickly.

It is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and store. It also has a durable exterior that can withstand the elements and last for 5+ years without damage.

We recommend buying a warranty because of the extensive coverage DISH can offer. If anything goes wrong, getting the equipment replaced as quickly as possible won’t cost much. 

Key Takeaways

  • The DISH Playmaker is a portable satellite antenna for travelers and tailgaters to get over 200 TV channels without needing much power or a complex setup. 
  • The DISH Playmaker has excellent durability and should last for over five years if it isn’t dropped, wet, or damaged. 
  • There are various satellite compatibles for the DISH Playmaker, including 61.50(SD/HD), 1100 (SD/HD), 1190 (SD/HD), and 1290 (SD/HD). 
  • The DISH Playmaker costs $309.00 for the base model with a receiver and no added upgrades, mounting equipment, or extra channels. 

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