How Far is 30 Yards in a Soccer Field [EXPLAINED!]

Soccer pitch dimensions provide balance and equality when two teams are competing. So, how far is 30 yards on a soccer field? We have the answers.

Typically, the distance of 30 yards on a soccer field is equivalent to the width of a 5-a-side soccer field, which is 27.5 meters. On an 11-a -side soccer field whose dimensions are 90 to 130 yards long and 45 to 100 yards wide, 30 yards will represent at least a quarter of the field lengthwise.

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How Far is 30 Yards in a Soccer Field


Since soccer is one of the most popular sports, there are a lot of soccer fields worldwide. On one hand, the players want a football pitch which is efficient as they will play the home games in it. On the other hand, the fans are attracted to the aesthetics of the soccer field, and a team can use the field as one of the critical factors in getting steady revenue. However, you might wonder if each soccer pitch’s dimensions are uniform or differ. Let’s now discuss my knowledge about field size after having played on countless soccer fields.

 With the exception of the professional adult competitions and the Youth Soccer League games, there isn’t a set size restriction for the playing field in the US. Factors that determine the dimensions of the soccer fields include the total number of players, available area, and the chosen style of play of the home team.

How Far is 30 Yards in a Soccer Field

As we had discussed earlier, there are a variety of soccer fields worldwide, and the size may vary due to the differences in rules and regulations. However, regulations about dimensions are similar because a standard regulatory body governs most states. Therefore, we shall discuss the different sizes of the soccer fields and estimate 30 yards on each pitch to make an accurate estimation:

5 -A-side Soccer Field

According to the USSF and FIFA’s proposal, a 5-a-side soccer field should be 40 yards long and 30 yards. These measurements guarantee that it will remain rectangular, and a helpful rule of thumb is that its length should be near twice the breadth. Additionally, one of its most noticeable characteristics is the curving penalty areas on a 5-a-side football field.

Games of 5 against 5 can be held with or without using a center circle or midway line because these marks have no real significance. A good example is the San Jose turf which was recently built in California to engage people in soccer in the state. Therefore, when comparing how far 30 yards it is in a soccer field, it is good to understand that it is approximately equivalent to the width of a 5-a-side soccer field. 

7- A- side Soccer Field

In the US, a 7-a-side soccer field should be 60 yards long by 40 yards broad. Contrary to 5-a-side sports, fields with 7 team players on every team have rectangular penalty boxes that are 10 yards from the goal line and 18 yards. At this level, the penalty arcs also serve as an optional mark and are placed close to the penalty area when used. Additionally, Like in 5-a-side, a center circle is not required, but the penalty area is a crucial part that must be placed approximately 8 yards from the goal line. When comparing the estimation of 30 yards in a soccer field, it is about half of the length 7 a side soccer field.

9- A- side Soccer Field

A 9-a-side football field measures 80 yards long by 50 yards wide. With the middle marking in the center of the pitch, the center circle should have a 7-yard radius for this pitch size. On both ends of the field, the penalty area should be 9 yards from the goal line, and the penalty area arcs have a 7-yard radius around the penalty location. The penalty area should be designated with a line that extends 13 yards from the center of the goalpost and is 32 yards. When estimating the distance of 30 yards in a 9-a-side field, it is nearly equal to the width of the penalty area, which is 32 yards.

11- A- side Soccer Field

It can take time to determine the exact dimensions of an 11-a-side soccer pitch. It is because, more than any other sort of soccer pitch, the measurements can vary significantly depending on various circumstances. The minimum allowed dimensions must typically be between 90 yards long and 50 yards wide, according to the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) standards. 

Regardless of the size of the field, the penalty area must be 18 yards from the center of the goal line, and the penalty box should be 12 yards from the goal. The corner arcs, penalty arcs, and all other marks must all have the dimensions of a 9-a-side soccer field. At this level, goalposts must be 8 feet tall and 8 yards wide. An excellent example of an 11-a-side stadium is the Al Lang soccer stadium which has a field size 110 yards long by 75 yards wide. When estimating how much distance 30 yards covers in an 11-a-side soccer field, it may represent 4 out of 18 stripes of the pitch or a quarter of the total field size lengthwise.

Maximum Length and Width of Soccer Fields

Since we have discussed the minimum length and width of the soccer fields, there are maximum dimensions also allowed. The following are the maximum dimensions of soccer fields:

  • 5- a- side soccer field: it has a maximum length and  width of 27.34 by 38.27 yards
  • 7- a- side soccer field:  the maximum dimensions are approximately 38.27  by 54.68 yards
  • 9- a- side soccer field: the majority of the regulatory bodies will allow a maximum of 54.68 long  by 73.27 yards wide
  • 11- a- side soccer field: it should have a maximum length of 130 yards and a maximum width of 100 yards

Key Takeaways

  • 30 yards is equivalent to specific dimensions or areas on the soccer field
  • The US is one of the few countries that set size restrictions on professional players’ games
  • Each soccer field size has got a minimum, and a maximum allowed length and width
  • The dimensions of the soccer field are crucial to create balance and equality among the teams playing
  • Typically, the 11-a -side soccer field is the most commonly used, especially with professional soccer players

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