The Average Height Of High School Basketball Players: Boys & Girls

You want to play high school basketball but are still determining if you are tall enough to make the team. What is the average height of a high school basketball player?

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What’s the average height of a high school basketball player?

The average height of a boy’s high school basketball player is about 6’ with a deviation of three inches, while 5’ – 6” is the norm for girls’ teams. The height varies with position, as guards tend to be shorter than the athletes who play the center or forward position.  

Many teenagers dream of playing on the high school basketball team and in some cities it is a rite of passage for many athletes. It helps your chances if you are taller than others in your class. While being tall can help basketball players, height isn’t the only thing coaches look for in an athlete. 

Of course, you need to be physically fit, but you also need some skills. If you can dribble, shoot, pass, and jump, you have the basic recipe for a quality basketball player. Even if you aren’t as tall as the other guys trying out for the team, don’t think you can’t make the cut. 

There are many examples of players who were not very tall but still impacted the game, even into the college ranks or as professional basketball players. 

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The Average Height Of A High School Basketball Player

Depending on whether you play for the men’s or women’s teams, the height of high school basketball players can vary based on several factors.

Boys’ High School Programs

The average height for a boy’s high school team player is six feet, give or take a couple of inches. While the height mark tends to be taller on teams representing larger schools, most players are between 5’-10” and 6’-3. 

A player’s height also depends on the position they are playing on the team. Point guards and shooting guards tend to be shorter, while the players who are forwards or centers tend to be taller. The closer to the basket you play, the taller you should be to play effectively. 

Girls’ High School Programs

The average height for girls’ high school team players is around 5’-6”. Most inner-city and metro suburban programs have a larger average size, and the same principle applies to a player’s height concerning the position. 

Point guards are shorter, while shooting guards, forwards and centers tend to be taller. 

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Why is the Height Of A Player So Important In Basketball?

The ability to score is the desire of every player the moment they touch the ball. Since basketball goals are a standard 10 feet tall and above the heads of everyone playing on the court, a skill you need is the ability to shoot a basketball. 

You need to be tall because the shooting percentage increases the closer you are to the basket. In addition, taller players have to use less energy to get the ball into the hoop and can guard the basket more successfully.

If you have ever had to drive the lane against a tall basketball player, you know how hard it can be to get off a shot without it being swatted away. Coaches know that by recruiting and playing taller players, their defense will be more formidable against opposing teams.  

What is the Average Jump Height Of A High School Basketball Player?

The average jump height for boys who play basketball on the high school level is 9 – 10 feet. Sine Jumping is an essential skill of basketball due to the rebounds players can get while playing the game. 

The jump height varies by division and position, but it has also increased as players become more and more physically conditioned. Today, strength coaches work with players to improve stamina and basic abilities, so the jump height of players continues to expand with every passing year.  

What Is The Average Height Of A NCAA College Basketball Player?

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A collegiate player’s average height is 6’-5”, with the most commonly listed height as 6’-7”. 

While some smaller players make their college team, the shorter players have a more challenging time trying to play basketball on the college level. 

What Is The Average Height Of NBA and WNBA Players?

The average NBA player has height for the 2021-22 season was 6’-7”. The average for WNBA players is 6 feet, with the tallest being 7’ – 2”.

Who Was The Shortest Player To Play In the NBA?

Tyrone Curtis Bouges (nicknamed Muggsy) was the shortest player to make an NBA team. in the NBA. 

Over his fourteen-year career, the 5’- 3” point guard played for several franchises. The most well-known short player is Spud Webb, who played for 12 seasons, averaging 9.9 points and 5.3 assists per game over his career, and was known for his ability to dunk the basketball. 

Several other players who were all-stars had successful careers in the NBA but were below the average height of NBA players. Names like Isaiah Thomas (5’-9”), Nate Robinson (5’-9”), Calvin Murphy (5’ – 7”), and Allen Iverson (5’ – 11”) are just a few examples. 

What Should You Do If You Are Not As Tall As The Average?

Most high schools provide tryouts for student-athletes who are interested in playing basketball. Being below the average height does not mean you cannot play. The game’s history is filled with tall high school athletes with no skills. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Even though you might not be able to do anything about the mark on the size chart, you can improve your abilities with practice. Most shorter players play the guard position, which requires excellent dribbling, shooting, and passing skills. 

Remember that a good guard who can drive into the lane, draw a foul from a taller player, and then sink the free throw every time is worth their weight in gold to a coach. 

Guards must be great dribblers, passers, and shooters with excellent hand-eye coordination and footwork

There are tons of exercises and drills that you can find online to help you learn how to develop the talent that you need in these areas. It might entail extra hours in the gym or on the driveway, but the additional training will prove invaluable. It could be the difference between making the team or not. 

Spend Time In The Weight Room

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You should also carve out time for the weight room. The importance of strength training is becoming increasingly valuable (especially for larger divisions). 

Strong upper body strength can help you wrestle the basketball from an opposing player or fight for a rebound under the rim. Since basketball is a contest where players run almost constantly, leg strength and stamina are critical. 

Exhibit Passion, Drive, and Sportsmanship

In addition, high school coaches need to see more than just great athleticism. More importantly, they need to be able to see your energy, drive, and passion. 

While there is no way to measure these intangible qualities, coaches know. They would often rather have a player with less talent but more drive and enthusiasm than a player with better skill but no heart. If you are a smaller player, make up for your height challenges by being an example of sportsmanship and drive to everyone around you. 

Love the Game

Finally, if you want to make your high school team, just like any sport, basketball needs to be a game you love to play. 

Many athletes play multiple sports during their high school careers but are partial to one or two. If you do not love the game, then don’t take up a roster spot for someone else who has a passion for playing. 

Key Takeaways

  • The average height of a high school player is 6 feet for boys and 5’ – 6” for girls.
  • Many players who were smaller than the average player have played in college and in the NBA who were smaller than the average player.
  • A taller athlete will play closer to the basket because their shooting percentage improves.

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