Teaching The Game: Do High School Football Coaches Have To Be Educators?

High School Football is a community event that almost anyone can enjoy. But do high school football coaches have to be teachers?

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Do high school football coaches have to be teachers?

It is common, but not a requirement for coaches to be teachers. However, some school districts may mandate that coaches must be employed by the district in some way like a teacher, administrator, or other staff member.

As a former member of the high school football team, I can attest to the fact that it is pretty common for team coaches to be employed by the school district in some form or another.

But I’ve also seen people who were purely just coaches, employed by the school district to be just that. 

High School Football

High school football is a sport that is played by teens that attend high school. 

High school football is just like college football, or NFL football, except it’s played by kids from the local high school. 

High school football is very competitive, but not as competitive as other leagues. It’s not as competitive since a lot of the kids playing don’t have dreams of playing in the NFL. 

They are just looking for an athletic outlet. High school football is extremely demanding and a highly competitive game. 

The game requires strength, speed, and endurance in order to be successful at the game. 

The goal of the game is to score points by carrying the ball into the other team’s endzone, or kicking it through the opponents goal posts. 

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Requirements To Be A High School Football Coach

The requirements to be a high school coach vary from state to state and from school to school. In some states and schools, coaches are required to be teachers at the high school. 

In other states and schools, coaches can simply have experience and certifications. 

An example of some certifications are National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) coaching certification. 

A lot of coaches are just former players who have recently graduated and stayed on the next year to continue coaching. 

Lots of schools don’t mandate any experience necessary, other than just knowing how to play the game. 

High school football coaches don’t have to be top of the line coaches, they can be just regular old players who are looking to give back. 

But the bottom line for whether high school coaches need to be educators, it varies from school to school and state to state. 

The school board is the main deciding body when it comes to decisions like these, so if you are looking for yourself, contact the local school board to find out if you can become a coach. 

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Advantages Of Educator Coaches

The main advantage of having an educator serve as a football coach is that they have an educational background. So they can teach young people not just about sports, but about important life lessons. 

Educators are well equipped to give young people advice and to provide mentorship. 

Educators are better able to follow school guidelines and policies since they are more closely acquainted with them, having dealt with them every day during the school day. 

This can lead to a more positive and inclusive physical education and environment for the athletes and the entire football program.

Disadvantages Of Non Educator Coaches

To coach high school football is a great responsibility. Not all coaches are created equal. 

Non educator coaches may have lots of football experience, but they may be lacking in certain areas. 

They may not have  they may not have the same level of training and qualifications to deal with the academic and personal challenges that may arise.

Regardless of their qualifications, it’s important for coaches to have a strong understanding of not only football, but of the school’s rules and policies. 

Coaches, even at elementary and secondary schools, must be able to provide leadership and mentorship to members of the team. 

There are many different coaching positions to be held, but whichever one they hold, they must be able to talk to the youth and provide life lessons. 

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Salary of a High School Football Coach

The average salary of a high school football coach differs from state to state and school to school. This is because some coaches teach for free, if they are already being paid by the school. 

Other school districts that have teachers coach high school football are paid a small stipend at the end of each month. As stated before, athletic coaches pay differs from state to state. 

But on average, the pay for a high school coach ranges from a few thousand dollars per year to over $100,000 dollars per year. Many sports coaches are just regular experienced players who receive a stipend to show up and coach. 

These coaches don’t need a teaching certification or anything. To coach sports in some states, you don’t even need a high school diploma. 

But to be a football coach, the requirements are different in each state. The salary of high school football coaches vary and depend on the school district and physical education experience of the coach. 

Most high school football coaches major in sports science, which allows them to become great instructors of athletics and practices of drills and athletic routines. 

Some high school football coaches make no extra money at all, volunteering their time in order to see their young athletes and team succeed. 

Rewards Of Being A High School Football Coach

Being a high school football coach is one of the most rewarding roles you can have. 

Because you are in charge of young players, you get the chance to become a role model and teach life lessons to young people. 

This is rewarding because you get a chance to see young people grow, and overcome trials and tribulations. High school football coaches should be nothing short of a role model.

High school football coaches follow state and school district guidelines while also serving as role models, leaders, and coaches. Even an assistant coach for a high school football team has to be a leader.

If you want to be a high school football coach, you have to be a role model.

Key Takeaways

  • It is common, but not a requirement for coaches to be teachers. 
  • Requirements to be a high school coach vary from state to state. 
  • There are high school football coaching certifications one can achieve.
  • High school football coaching is a rewarding experience. 
  • High school football coaches must be role models. 

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